Cobb EMC is headed toward a clean energy future that benefits our members and the environment. 

Cobb EMC believes in the power of a clean energy future. For more than 10 years, we’ve been investing in sustainable technology that supports reliability and affordability for our members. In fact, Cobb EMC has been recognized globally in partnership with the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association, for microgrid modeling software. Additionally, programs are available for our members who want renewable options, so we can get to a cleaner future together. 

2030 Clean Energy Goal 

It’s our responsibility as your neighbor and your co-op to do our part to protect our environment and community. That’s why we have a goal to increase clean energy by 2030. 

Reduce carbon emissions by 75%

We will reduce the carbon in our energy mix and reach our clean energy goals by 2030 while keeping rates low for our members. 

Increase renewable energy portfolio by 200%

We will achieve this goal by using our long-term power supply strategy, ensuring that we have an adequate and diversified portfolio to support the energy needs of the future.

Our Energy Sources 

As a distribution cooperative, we do not generate power. We purchase electricity through several different suppliers and power purchase agreements. Economic decisions are made hourly to ensure the lowest cost resources are being used. After purchase, the power is transmitted across high-voltage lines and onto our distribution system. Our power comes from a diverse mix of energy sources to provide reliable, safe, affordable and sustainable electricity to our members. 

Sunny Solar Panels

Renewable Energy

Renewable resources, including hydro, pumped storage, green power and solar, account for approximately 13 percent of Cobb EMC’s energy mix.



Nuclear power accounts for approximately 37 percent of Cobb EMC’s energy mix. Environmentally-friendly nuclear power is a primary source of electricity in Georgia. 


Fossil Fuels

Coal and natural gas account for approximately 50 percent of Cobb EMC’s energy mix. Natural gas, a cleaner source of energy, provides a majority of the mix. 

Corporate Environmental Responsibility

As a not-for-profit cooperative, we are dedicated to providing our members reliable electricity at the lowest possible price. But we are also committed to being a good corporate citizen and to improving our local communities. Our environmental commitment is no exception.

We’ve diversified our generation mix and expanded our renewable energy portfolio. Our corporate recycling programs and air quality improvement efforts benefit our local neighborhoods, while our conservation education programs help you bring sustainable practices to your homes and families.

Cobb EMC is proud to reduce our environmental impact while still keeping costs as low as possible for our members. 

Cobb EMC’s renewable energy portfolio includes: solar, hydro, biomass and reclaimed methane gas from landfills.

  • Electronics recycling: Cobb EMC recycles retired meters, load management switches, computers and other electronics to help keep landfills clear. 
  • General recycling: Cobb EMC recycles several materials from across our campus including: aluminum, copper, steel, plastic, wood poles, construction debris, cardboard, lamps and ballasts.
  • Recycling events: Cobb EMC hosts events so members can recycle old electronics and dispose of old documents in a safe, secure and eco-friendly manner.
  • AMI meters reduce trucks on the road. AMI meters offer two-way communication, meaning we no longer have to send employees out to manually read meters. This means fewer miles driven, fewer trucks on the road and cleaner air throughout our service district.
  • Electric vehicle charging stations improve air quality. Each mile a car drives creates one pound of air pollution. Electric vehicles (EV) help reduce this air pollution, and Cobb EMC is proud to offer an EV charging station for members to use while they are at the cooperative to pay their electric bills.
  • EV rebates. We offer rebates to help local companies install EV charging stations at their business.

Cobb EMC works to educate all of our members on ways to save energy and money. Learn more about ways to conserve.

  • 101 ways to save energy and money. Find a room-by-room list of ways you can save. Tips range from free habit changes to major home improvements.  
  • View your energy use. You can track your energy use by the day or by the hour. Then explore our Smart Choice Rate, which allows you to save money by lowering your electric use during high peak hours.
  • Together We Save. This interactive program offers calculators to help you save energy dollars at home and in your business.
  • Sign up for an energy audit. Our energy audits are free and help you identify where your home could use energy-saving improvements.
  • Student education. Lovinggood Middle School and the Cobb County Safety Village use small-scale solar power generating stations, installed by Cobb EMC and Green Power EMC’s SPARK Energy Education Program, to teach students about renewable energy.
  • Energy efficiency programs. Each year, we partner with the Cobb Heating and Air Association, Gas South, and the Cobb County Water System to give one member a Home Energy Efficiency Makeover.
  • Join us to learn more. Throughout the year, we offer seminars on energy efficiency, solar, EV and more, Homeowners' Association meetings and other education conservation events that are open to all Cobb EMC members. 


  • Clean energy. We make it easy for members to support sustainability and solar energy growth in our community with Renewable Energy Credits (RECs). Our Green Energy for a Penny program allows you to participate in a clean energy future for just 1 cent per kWh.
  • Sustainable operations. Cobb EMC is one of the first electric co-ops in the nation to install an on-site solar and battery storage system to help power our operations and contribute to a greener grid. We also offer an EV charging station on-site for our members, employees and fleet EVs.
  • Solar Flower Garden: Our Solar Flower Garden is a gathering place for our community that offers educational opportunities, events and EV charging. And, it’s free to visit!

Doing Our Part for a Clean Energy Future

Battery storage building

Battery Storage

Take a tour of our solar and battery storage system, which contains 576 batteries that store solar energy generated on our campus.

boy in field with plane

Clean Energy Goals

We’re committed to increasing our renewable energy sources and decreasing our carbon emissions by 2030.

Solar Flower Garden family picnic

Solar Flower Garden

Our Solar Flower Garden showcases our commitment to a clean energy future and is free to visit.

Solar panels

Our Sustainability Projects

Learn about our efforts to explore research and technology that will provide a more sustainable future for the communities we serve.