Choose My Due Date

Are all your bills due at the same time? Do you get paid on certain days of the month? Cobb EMC wants to put you in control of when you pay your electric bill with Choose Your Own Due Date. If you are a qualifying Cobb EMC residential member, you can choose one of four due dates that may be more convenient for you and your financial schedule. Options include the 2nd, the 12th, the 18th, or the 22nd of the month. Combine this with paperless billing so that your electric bill becomes one less thing to worry about. 



What you need to know:

Choose Your Own Due Date is available to residential members who are current on all Cobb EMC accounts. Members on the NiteFlex rate are not eligible.

The amount of time you are given to pay your bill is still the same; you are just choosing your preferred due date.

Changing your due date will not change when your current bill is due. The request to change your due date may take up to two billing periods to take effect.

Cobb EMC members may change their preferred due date once a year (once every 12 months).

Your next bill, after choosing to change your due date, may be higher or lower than usual based on the length of time between your current due date and your new due date.

Once you set your new due date, it will not fluctuate. If you are on Auto Pay, and your due date falls on a weekend or a holiday, the payment will process on the following business day without penalty.

Enroll in Choose Your Own Due Date

Preferred Due Date
After hitting submit, your account will be reviewed by our team. Remember: To qualify for this program, you must be current on all Cobb EMC accounts. If you qualify for Choose Your Own Due Date, your new due date will take effect within two billing periods. You will be responsible for making any necessary payments that may be currently due.
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