Green Energy for a Penny

Get solar for 1¢ per kWh.

The Green Energy for a Penny program allows you to participate in a clean energy future. For an additional 1¢ per kWh, you can power your home or business with local solar energy and improve your impact on the environment. 

Getting started is easy

1. Choose what percentage of your monthly bill you want to offset with renewable energy credits (RECs).  

2. Based on your energy use and the percentage of RECs that you select, an additional amount of 1¢ per kWh will be charged to your monthly bill. Cobb EMC offers a discounted rate for large power users who exceed 25,000 kWh per month. 


Pennies Add up to Big Change

Use the calculator below to estimate your environmental impact with the Green Energy for a Penny program.

Our program is Green-e Energy Certified by the Center for Resource Solutions (CRS) and is under Green Power EMC's Cooperative Solar Program. Green-e Energy is the nation's leading independent consumer protection program for the sale of renewable energy and greenhouse gas reductions in the retail market. The certification and verification of a renewable energy program are essential so that consumers can be certain the renewable energy they purchase meets the highest of standards. 

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The program allows you to purchase renewable energy credits (RECs) from Cobb EMC and support solar farms right here in Georgia. It’s a simple way to help pave a greener future. So, what is a REC? A REC is a certificate that represents energy generated from renewable sources. When you participate in the Green Energy for a Penny program, Cobb EMC retires RECs on your behalf. Retired RECs can no longer be sold, but they do act as proof that you’re receiving clean, renewable energy — power you can be proud of. See terms and conditions and the product content document for the Green Energy for a Penny program. 




Residential and commercial members can choose 25%, 50%, 75% or 100% of their monthly energy use to come from renewable resources. Depending on the member’s energy use, an additional charge of $.01 or $.005 per kWh will be charged to the monthly bill. This charge will fluctuate each month as the energy use fluctuates. See chart below for the pricing structure.

  Electric Use

Cost of RECs per month

First 25,000 kWh


Electric use above 25,000 kWh


View more information about how RECs are calculated.

What is a REC?

A Renewable energy credit (REC) is a certificate representing the intangible environmental attributes created from energy generated by renewable sources. One REC is issued for each megawatt hour of renewable electricity produced by a qualifying renewable asset.

Is this in addition to my electricity cost?

Yes, your participation in the Green Energy for a Penny program is an additional cost on your electric bill.

How do I determine how much to purchase?

Members can purchase 25%, 50%, 75% or 100% of their monthly usage in RECs to participate in the Green Energy for a Penny program. This amount can be changed at any time. Any changes will go into effect in the following month’s billing period.

Will it be on my bill?

Yes, each bill will show you how many RECs were retired on your behalf and the cost when you participate in the Green Energy for a Penny program.

What does it mean to retire a REC?

Cobb EMC retires a REC once it has been used by a member. Once retired, it can no longer be sold.

Do I have to sign a contract?

No, you do not have to sign a contract. Enrollment in the Green Energy for a Penny program can be discontinued at any time and members will only be responsible for the current billing period.

Is there a term?

No, the Green Energy for a Penny program has no term commitment.

Where are the solar panels?

The RECs will come from one of the renewable energy facilities in Georgia that Cobb EMC partners with.

Can I resell the RECs?

No, you cannot resell the RECs. Once sold, RECs are retired and cannot be re-sold or transferred to anyone.

I would like to talk to someone about this in detail. Who can I talk to?

We have designated experts that can answer additional questions. Please submit this form and one of our energy experts will contact you.

Where is the money from my purchase of RECs each month going?

Each REC purchase helps increase the demand for renewable energy and supports the development of new renewable energy projects.

Are Renewable Energy Credits tax deductible?

No, the purchase of RECs is not tax deductible.

Unless Cobb EMC has agreed in writing with a member to sell renewable energy certificates (RECs) associated with Cobb EMC’s renewable energy to such member or to retire RECs on such member’s behalf, Cobb EMC does not claim that the electric energy that Cobb EMC provides to its members from its renewable energy facilities is “green energy,” “renewable energy,” “clean energy” or has any particular environmental attributes. Cobb EMC retains the environmental attributes, including the associated RECs for use in its utility programs or for sale to third parties. All of Cobb EMC’s RECs are managed under Green Power EMC’s Cooperative Solar Program.