Partners in Education

Partnering with our schools to raise the quality of education in our community.

Cobb EMC is a Partner at Large with all schools in our service district. Our participation in the Partners in Education program includes a variety of programs, activities and special events throughout the school year. 

Our Educational Impact: 

Mascot and teacher holding big check

Mini-grants for classrooms

Children holding solar cars

STEM activities

Cobb EMC and Gas South Literacy Week authors with mascot

Annual Literacy Week

Employee giving electrical safety demonstration to two children

Classroom and safety presentations

Mascot with employee and students holding certificates

Essay contests

Students in school with mascot

Mentoring and Career Days

Meet Cobb EMC's safety ambassador ... Wattson the Red-tailed Hawk  

Our safety ambassador, Wattson, helps Cobb EMC teach children about electric safety. Fly on over to Wattson’s e-SMARTkids website for games, videos and activities that teach electricity basics and how to use it safely and wisely. Wattson’s e-SMARTkids offers resources for teachers and parents, too.

7 feet tall

A featherweight of 245 lbs

I was born at the intersection of Powers Ferry Road and Roswell Road on March 25.

Cobb EMC Building 4000 (on top of the Engineering roof)

Favorite vacation spot
Warm Springs Georgia and The Little White House

Favorite athlete of all time
Larry Bird, there is just something about his name. I can’t seem to put my talon on it.

Favorite song
“Surfin Bird” by The Trash Men

Favorite actors
Definitely Batman & Robin; I’m a huge fan.

Favorite book
The Cobb EMC safety manual; I’m looking forward to the audio edition.

Favorite color
Orange and blue

Favorite food
Any and all barbeque – I’m not a barbeque snob.

Best friends
Cobb EMC members and employees

Biggest fear
Storms and the damage they bring

I love to build Legos, my favorite right now is Chima. I also like to challenge myself by memorizing the Safety Data Sheets at Cobb EMC.

Pet peeves
It really bothers me when squirrels get into transformers and cause power outages. I also don’t understand how anyone could dislike Tweety Bird