Have total control over your electric bill.

Benefits of PrePay

Cobb EMC PrePay gives you total control over your electric bill. Power is made simple with PrePay. There’s no deposit, no late fees and no paper bills. With Prepay, you can pay for your electricity how you want and when you want.

No Upfront Deposits

No Late Fees

No Monthly Bills

How it works

Load your PrePay account with funds to get started. As long as you keep your balance above the low balance threshold, the power stays on. When your balance is low, just reload your account online or through the Cobb EMC app. Before you enroll, make sure you have already started electric service with Cobb EMC.

Sign up

Sign up for PrePay service online or by phone at 770-429-2100.

Load up

Add funds to your account online, the Cobb EMC app or by phone at 1-855-730-8714

Set up alerts

Sign up for email or text alerts for low balance notifications.


When your balance is low, make a payment using any of our convenient payment options.

Is PrePay the right fit for you?

PrePay works well for members who prefer to make smaller payments throughout the month. Statistics also indicate that members who use prepaid electric programs tend to reduce their electric use because they are more aware of how they are using electricity.

Sign up for Prepay online, at our office at 1000 EMC Parkway, Marietta, GA 30060 or by phone 770-429-2100.


PrePay FAQs

Instead of receiving a traditional bill each month, PrePay enables you to monitor your electric use and pay-as-you-go. With PrePay, you never pay a deposit or late fees. You have the flexibility to pay when you want, how you want and in the amount you want as long as a credit balance is maintained on your account.

Cobb EMC gets daily readings from your electric meter and calculates a daily bill. You make prepayments to your electric account, and as you use electricity, the used amount is deducted from your account’s credit balance. When your account reaches the low balance (set by you), we notify you by email or text. Log into your Cobb EMC account to manage your PrePay notifications. 

Cobb EMC offers several convenient ways to pay your bill

Yes. Use your existing deposit toward the purchase of prepaid electricity.

In addition to the minimum $50 credit balance needed to activate your account, new members must also pay a $30 service establishment fee; this is not required for existing members. You’ll never pay late fees or deposits. Just think of the money you could potentially save! The initial payment ($50 + $30) must be made online, in our office, or by phone at 770-429-2100.

When your account reaches the low balance threshold set by you, we will notify you by email. When you are notified of a low balance, simply recharge your account using one of Cobb EMC's convenient payment options. You can set your low balance threshold and manage your alert preferences through our online account management system or mobile app.

It's entirely up to you! PrePay is designed to fit your individual budget.

No. PrePay members don’t pay deposits. The money you pay into your PrePay account goes strictly to buying electricity.

No, but you can easily manage your account online or receive daily notifications about your use.

Cobb EMC notifies members of account balances only if the balance reaches the low threshold, and low threshold notifications will only be sent by email. Cobb EMC will also notify members if the account has been disconnected for non-payment. Any member without an email address on file is solely responsible for monitoring his or her account balance. You can log in to your account and check your balance. You can also check your account balance by downloading the Cobb EMC app to your mobile device.

No, Cobb EMC never disconnects service on holidays or weekends. However, reconnects are instantaneous for PrePay customers. For example, if your balance falls below $0 on Friday and you reload your account on Saturday morning, your power will be turned back on immediately.

PrePay is not an electric rate. It's a way to pay your bill. PrePay members can still select any one of Cobb EMC’s residential rate options. To see which rate is best for your lifestyle, visit our rate selection tool.