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Download the Cobb EMC app so you can pay your bill, report outages, view energy use and connect with us from the palm of your hand. The app is free and secure.

  • Payments post to your account in real time.
  • Check daily and hourly electric use and compare use history.
  • Report power outages.
  • Contact Cobb EMC.
  • Securely store information for quick, easy payments.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I currently use the SmartHub app. Will my stored banking and log in information be available on the Cobb EMC app?

Yes, if you already use the SmartHub app to manage your account, use the same credentials to sign into the Cobb EMC app. If you chose to store your banking information, the data will also be available on the new Cobb EMC app. Residential members may pay by Visa®, MasterCard® or Discover® or American Express® with no fee, and sign up for recurring payments.

Do I have to delete the SmartHub app once I download the new Cobb EMC app?

To avoid confusion, we recommend you delete the SmartHub app after you download and sign on to the Cobb EMC app.

What's new and different about the Cobb EMC app?

The Cobb EMC app offers a fresh lineup of icons so you can pay your bill, view energy use and connect with Cobb EMC right from the palm of your hand. We also offer a brand new icon that will make it easier for you to find us among the apps on your phone!

Can I store my bank information in the Cobb EMC app?

Yes, for your convenience, you can choose to store your banking information to avoid entering this information every month.

I don’t have a lot of storage left on my phone. How much storage does the Cobb EMC app require?

The Cobb EMC app requires as little as 8.6MB on your phone.

Who is the National Information Solutions Cooperative?

The National Information Solutions Cooperative is an information technology company that develops and supports software solutions for Cobb EMC. To read more about NISC, tap Settings then choose About NISC in the Cobb EMC app.

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