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Availability varies throughout the year.

To improve our reliability, Cobb EMC trims trees to keep branches out of our lines. Tree trimming debris is ground into wood chips that can be used for composting and landscaping. Wood chips are currently unavailable

Wood Chip Details

  • Wood chips are good for the environment and can be composted.
  • From April to October, wood chips are full of green leaves and are in a compost stage.
    • Green wood chips take four to six weeks to deteriorate. At the time of delivery, wood chips may be in the heating process (appear to be smoking). During the heating process, wood chips can severely damage garden plants and shrubs. Wood chips may also have a strong odor, like rotting grass and leaves.
    • During the warm season, green wood chips may attract insects.
  • Wood chips often contain small sticks, yard-rakings, etc.
  • Artificial colors and dyes are not added to alter wood chips.
  • Do not burn wood chips in any wood-burning stove, fireplace, furnace, etc.

Delivery Details

  • An average-sized load contains approximately 12 cubic yards, which is about 3.5 feet high by 8 feet wide and 12 feet long (approximately 52 wheel barrow loads).
  • Wood chips will kill grass underneath and stain driveways, so please provide specific delivery instructions.
  • We cannot guarantee time of delivery. If a phone number is provided, we can call to confirm the delivery.
  • Once the load is delivered and unloaded, it becomes the member's property. Cobb EMC will not pick up the load after delivery.

Availability of free wood chips varies with demand. When mulch is available, you may use our form below to request delivery.