The Cobb EMC EV Experience

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To drive one of Cobb EMC’s electric vehicles, click below to submit a request for the 2023 waitlist. Checkouts will be available on Mondays and Wednesdays, one week per month only. Due to the overwhelming demand, we can only accommodate one (1) checkout per household at this time. When we receive your request, we'll confirm the availability of your preferred car and checkout time. Please allow up to two weeks to receive a response due to the popularity of our EV Experience program. The car can only be picked up and dropped off during regular business hours. 

Please note that EV checkouts are reserved for members who are in good standing with Cobb EMC. Good standing is defined as being current on all Cobb EMC bill payments and having a good bill payment history. Cobb EMC has the right to deny your checkout if you are not in good standing. We may also ask to reschedule your checkout if the car is not available. Have questions about the checkout program? Please contact us at

Our EVs can only be booked four months in advance.


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