Winter is coming – check your furnace

Winter is coming – check your furnace

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Furnaces are great for keeping warm when the temperatures drop, but if not operating properly, they can produce fire and carbon monoxide (CO) related safety hazards.

Here are five ways to keep your family warm and safe this winter: 

    •    Have your furnace inspected every year. During a tune up, a professional can look for problems and potential leaks in the furnace. 

    •    Install battery-operated CO detectors. Since CO is an odorless gas, a detector will let you know when CO in your home reaches a dangerous level. 

    •    Test your smoke detectors regularly. The early warning devices may help alert your family to fire and smoke dangers in the home. 

    •    Check your furnace filter regularly. A dirty filter will restrict airflow to your furnace and increase the risk of malfunction. A clean filter will help your furnace burn more efficiently. 

    •    Keep the area around your furnace clear. You can minimize potential fire hazards when the area around your system is clear of any flammable products and materials. 

Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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