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Electric Utility Research and Data

As one of the nation's leading electric cooperative in solar, innovation and consumer research, Cobb EMC collects and uses data to improve sustainability, the electric grid and customer satisfaction. Explore and learn more about the electric industry through white papers, presentations and articles from organizations specialized in energy-related research. 


Electric Vehicles

As electric vehicles change the electric industry, utilities should be prepared to meet the demand for commercial and residential EV owners.


Consumer Guide to Electric Vehicles 
By Electric Power Research Institute 

Consumer Guide to Electric Vehicle Charging 
By Electric Power Research Institute

The Road Ahead for EV Mobility 
By Mckinsey Center for Future Mobility 

Residential Electric Vehicle Rates that Work 
By Smart Electric Power Alliance 

Distributed Energy Resources

Advancing technology through Distributed Energy Resources (DER) and using it to improve grid efficiency and sustainability.


Planning Your Future: Capitalizing on Disruptive Energy  
By Southeast Energy Efficiency Alliance

Renewable Energy 101 – A Fact-based Guide for Consumers 
By Smart Energy Consumer Collaborative 

Launching Plug and Play Distributed Energy Resources Into the Future 
By Smart Electric Power Alliance 

Distributed Energy Resources: Meeting Consumer Needs 
By Smart Energy Consumer Collaborative 

Consumer Needs

Consumers are expecting a more personalized energy experience from their utilities. What can you do to meet their needs?


Identifying and Meeting Consumer Needs 
By Smart Grid Observer 

Customer Impact: Keeping Customers at Center of Grid Modernization 
By Smart Electric Power Alliance 

Optimizing Consumer Engagement 
By Smart Energy Consumer Collaborative 

Engaging Lower-Income Consumers in Energy 
By Smart Energy Consumer Collaborative  

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