We're Headed Toward a Clean Energy Future

Cobb EMC believes in the power of a clean energy future. For more than 10 years, we've been investing in sustainable technology that supports reliability and affordability for our members. And, in the last 5 years we have reduced our carbon emissions by 33%. We're one of the few electric co-ops in the nation with a solar and battery storage system on site and we offer diversified renewable energy sources in our portfolio.


Our 2030 Clean Energy Goal

It’s our responsibility as your neighbor and your co-op to do our part to protect our environment and community. That's why we have a goal to reduce carbon emissions by 75% and to increase our renewable energy portfolio by 200% by 2030. We will reach our clean energy goals without passing additional costs on to our members.


Programs and Resources

We also make it easy for members to do their part for the environment, so that together we can create a cleaner community for everyone.


Solar Mix
Diverse Energy Mix
Our power comes from a variety of renewable resources, including hydro, green power and solar. Learn more about our diverse energy portfolio.
Solar Program
Solar for Home
We encourage the efficient use of electricity and renewable energy technologies. That's why we arm our members with the information they need to participate in solar.
Solar Panels
Sustainable Operations
We added 2,300 MWh of solar energy and battery storage, a Solar Flower Garden and solar car canopies on campus to help power our operations and transition to a lower-carbon future.
Green Energy for a Penny program
Green Energy for a Penny
You can support sustainability and solar energy growth without any extra work. Learn about the Green Energy for a Penny program.
EVs under solar car canopy
Cleaner Communities
We're supporting EV adoption in our community by offering the EV Experience, adding EVs to our fleet and helping to build a charging infrastructure to lower emissions.
Solar Panels
Go Electric
By making the change to EV, we can all save more money, enjoy more mobility and have a cleaner world. Our NiteFlex rate offers EV drivers free overnight charging.
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