Summer safety tips for kids

Summer safety tips for kids

During summer months, our kids spend more time outdoors so it’s important to teach them electric safety basics. Take a few minutes and share with your children these reminders on how to stay safe around electricity:

  • Look up before flying a kite. If it’s rainy or there are overhead power lines nearby, it’s not safe to fly a kite.
  • Never climb a tree that is near a power line or power pole.
  • If you see power lines on the ground, go inside immediately and tell your parents to call Cobb EMC at 770-429-2100.
  • Do not play near pad mounted transformers – the green metal boxes that contain the above ground portion of underground electrical installation.
  • Stay away from electrical equipment, especially if you see signs that say “Danger” or “Keep Out.” (Parents, show your kids images of these signs so they can immediately recognize what to avoid.)
  • Power poles are not meant for climbing – don’t do it.
  • Water and electricity don’t mix – never play with or use electronics around water.
  • Remember the rule of thumb from the National Weather Service, “when thunder roars, go indoors.”

Remember, your actions can help your family stay safe. Only use extension cords that are marked for outdoor use, and if an outdoor project requires power tools, never leave them unattended where curious children could find them.

At Cobb EMC, we’re bringing you the power of safety. To learn more, visit

Sources: Electrical Safety Foundation International, Safe Electricity

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