Our Reliability

Our Reliability

Cobb EMC is ranked 1st in the nation for restoring outages quickly and 2nd in the nation for providing reliable power, according to the IEEE. We take pride in our high service levels because reliable power from us means more time for you to focus on the moments that matter most.

Bringing you dependable power with fewer interruptions

At Cobb EMC, we’re committed to continually strengthening our smart grid and keeping our system infrastructure up-to-date, so you have power you can rely on. Here’s how we make it happen:

System Upgrades

One of the most important things we do to provide reliable electricity is maintaining and updating our infrastructure. We regularly inspect, improve and monitor 9,000+ miles of line across five counties. This can include changing old poles, building new substations, or replacing worn wires.

Our Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system also increases the efficiency of our system upgrades and maintenance by continuously monitoring equipment status and performance and feeding the information back to our Power Control technicians. Cobb EMC was the first cooperative in Georgia and the first co-op of its size in the nation to implement SCADA. This is just one of the many ways we’re working to bring you reliable power.

Smart Technology

Cobb EMC’s Power Control technicians provide centralized monitoring of power system operations and weather 24/7, 365 days a year. Our Power Control Center has served as an example for and been studied by utilities across the nation and worldwide. Our Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) technology allows our power control team to monitor the electrical system from our campus. When a meter on our system loses power, we’re immediately notified. In many cases, we can diagnose the problem and re-connect service with the flip of a switch. 

This smart technology helps keep your lights on, even when a problem arises. 

Cobb EMC also uses a combination of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Outage Management Systems (OMS) to group outages and predict the outage location. Our mobile workforce management system electronically dispatches outage tickets to crews in the field. The wireless integration of these and other electronic systems enables improved response times and customer service.

Tree trimming

Many of the power outages in our service area are tree-related. Trees and limbs falling on overhead lines often cause blinks and power outages. 

We try to prevent this type of outage by proactively trimming trees along our power lines. Maintaining this area reduces outages and eliminates safety hazards for our crews and the public. 

System Resiliency

To provide the most efficient service possible, we power our homes and businesses from various sources. Each of Cobb EMC’s more than 192 distribution circuits is tied in with others so, if necessary, power can be delivered from an adjoining circuit. This allows for more outages to be restored faster.

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Providing reliable power at an affordable price

Our commitment to our members extends beyond providing reliable electric service – we also strive to do so at an affordable price. To do this, we purchase electricity from several different producers at the best rates we can negotiate. To learn more about our rate options, visit our rate selection tool.


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