HVAC Tuneup Rebate

HVAC Tuneup Rebate

HVAC tuneup rebate FAQs

The HVAC Tuneup rebate program encourages our members to schedule annual pre-season checkups with a qualified contractor to check that HVAC systems are operating efficiently. A yearly tuneup can increase the efficiency of heating and cooling systems, which account for about 48 percent of the energy use in a typical home. That's why we offer our members a $50 rebate to assist with the cost of a spring tuneup.

The HVAC Tuneup rebate program begins March 1, 2019 and will run while supplies last.


Step 1 - Request Voucher

Step 1

Fill out the request form online – coming soon!

Step 2 - Submit Appointment Info

Step 2

We'll email you a confirmation that your voucher has been reserved with a link to submit your appointment information.

Step 3 - Schedule Tuneup

Step 3

Contact an approved contractor and make an appointment for your tuneup for any time before June 1, 2019.

Step 4 - Get $50 Voucher

Step 4

We'll email your $50 voucher and checklist. Provide the documents to your contractor during the tuneup appointment.

Step 5 - Save $50

Step 5

After the tuneup, you and the contractor must sign the checklist and voucher. Then, the contractor will deduct the $50 from your final invoice.

Step 6 - Complete Our Survey

Step 6

We'll email you a survey so you can tell us how we did and how we can improve our rebate program.


Program Details

  • Limit ONE voucher per member, per year.
  • Single family residence only.
  • Vouchers are for new appointments only and cannot be used for tuneups that have already been completed.
  • Must use an approved contractor to redeem voucher.
  • Actual cost of the tuneup may exceed $50.
  • Voucher covers first $50 of tuneup cost only.
  • Vouchers are available beginning March 1, 2019 and will remain available while supplies last.

Terms and Conditions


  1. Vouchers are limited to ONE per member, per year.
  2. Voucher requests are available beginning March 1, 2019 while supplies last.
  3. Voucher covers first $50 of tuneup cost only.
  4. Voucher has no cash value.
  5. Voucher is not transferable.
  6. Voucher is redeemable only by the contractor named on the voucher.
  7. Vouchers can only be used in service contracts if the contractor allows it.
  8. These vouchers are for new appointments only and cannot be used for tuneups that have already been completed.
  9. No same day voucher requests accepted.
  10. Voucher must be signed and dated by the member and the contractor.
  11. Only 2019 vouchers are valid. Member cannot use a previous year's voucher.


  1. Cobb EMC residential members only.
  2. Single family residence.
  3. Tuneup must be completed at the Cobb EMC member's service address.
  4. Limit one (1) voucher per member per year.
  5. Limited quantities available.
  6. The member is solely responsible for arrangements for, and results of, any work performed by the contractor.


  1. Must use an approved Cobb EMC contractor.
  2. Payment can only be made to the contractor.
  3. Actual cost of tuneup may exceed $50. Members should obtain a price quote from the approved contractor*.

*Any list (or specific name) of contractors is provided as a convenience for customers and is presented for information purposes only. It does not constitute an endorsement of these contractors, nor a preference among these contractors.
The customer/member is solely responsible for arrangements for, and results of, any work performed by the contractor.
When selecting air conditioning equipment, customers/members are encouraged to consider manufacturer and service information for their specific application, including reliability and performance characteristics of the equipment, parts availability, warranty and maintenance agreements, service charges and related cost information. Cobb EMC does not endorse specific equipment manufacturers. Get more information on air conditioning equipment.

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