How smart thermostats help you save

How smart thermostats help you save

There’s a lot of buzz surrounding smart thermostats these days, and we’re here to back up that buzz. They do a lot more than just “look good” and can even save you money. However, we know that upgrading from a basic thermostat can be intimidating especially when you have no experience with a smart thermostat. So this is your guide to smart thermostats.

What are smart thermostats?

Smart thermostats still allow you to control the temperature in your home but have added features which can make your life easier and your pockets more full. They allow you to control the temperature remotely (think turning up the heat before getting out of bed on a winter morning or turning on the air before you get home on a hot day). They also show you your energy usage, adjust themselves based on humidity and can learn your behavior to eliminate over usage.

They’re pretty smart.

What type of smart thermostats are offered?

There are two different types of smart thermostats available. One type allows you to manage and program remotely, and the other learns your behavior and adjusts itself accordingly. Both are designed to save energy and money and will benefit your home. Three brands that offer smart thermostats are Nest, ecobee and Honeywell. Each differ visually, but have similar features.

How do I get a smart thermostat?

Yes, you can buy smart thermostats from retailers; however, it’s best to have a professional install the thermostat in your home. When a licensed professional installs the thermostat, the warranty usually lasts longer, you help prevent incorrect installation, they can teach you the ins and outs of the thermostat and we offer $25 off installation with participating contractors.

How do smart thermostats help me save money?

Smart thermostats optimize the heating and cooling of your home. For example, they learn when you’re away and turn down the air when you’re away and turn it back up when you’re home. This ensures that your heating and cooling system isn’t running when it doesn’t need to and wasting energy (money).

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