Energy Portfolio

Energy Portfolio

Our Mission

Cobb EMC is a distribution cooperative, which means we do not generate power. We purchase electricity through several different suppliers and power purchase agreements. Economic decisions are made hourly to ensure the lowest cost resources are being used. After purchase, the power is transmitted across high-voltage lines and onto our distribution system.

Cobb EMC’s power sources

Cobb EMC relies on a diversified mix of energy sources to provide reliable, safe and affordable electricity.

Solar Panels
Renewable Energy
Cobb EMC's power comes from a variety of renewable resources, including hydro, green power and solar. On a sunny afternoon, as much as 30 percent of Cobb EMC’s power can come from solar energy.
Nuclear Towers
Nuclear power accounts for approximately 38 percent of Cobb EMC's energy mix. Environmentally-friendly nuclear power is a primary source of electricity in Georgia.
Fossil Fuels
Coal and natural gas account for approximately 55 percent of Cobb EMC's energy mix. Natural gas, a cleaner source of energy, provides a majority of the mix.
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