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Educational Speaker

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Cobb EMC is dedicated to our community, and we are proud to visit local schools, community and civic organizations to share information and connect with our members. All of our community presentations are free and can be customized to include a variety of topics for different age groups. To request a speaker or learn more, simply fill out the form below.

Cobb EMC’s community presentations 

  • Wattson’s Electric Avenue: This interactive demonstration walks students through electric safety in real-life scenarios, including:
    • Do you know how to be safe around electricity?
    • Where should you go during a lightning storm?
    • What should you do if a power line falls on your car/school bus?
    • How can birds stand on power lines without getting shocked?
  • Power line safety demo: This live, outdoor presentation is a high-voltage exercise conducted by professionals to demonstrate the danger of energized power lines 
    • Learn the hazards of downed power lines.
    • Learn the difference between conductors and insulators.
    • Learn what dangers occur when various, everyday objects touch a power line:
      • Kite string
      • Mylar balloon
      • Hot dog (simulating human body)
      • Tree limb
  • School Career Days: Cobb EMC representatives attend local career days to talk about STEM and other careers.
  • Student job shadowing*
  • STEM presentations*
  • Conservation & renewable energy
  • Cobb EMC & electrical history
  • Tours of our facility*

*Opportunities are limited. Must be one of our Partner at Large schools or a college/university within Cobb EMC's service district.

Please note: Presentations will be granted based upon employee availability. Requesting organizations must be located within Cobb EMC's service district. All requests are booked based on availability. Due to the nature of the utility industry, on rare occasions a speaker presentation may be canceled last minute due to unforeseen circumstances. If this occurs, the main event contact will be notified as soon as possible.  

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