Cobb EMC works toward clean energy goals

Cobb EMC works toward clean energy goals

Cobb EMC has a long-term commitment to helping our community and the environment. Building on this promise, we aim to reduce carbon emissions by 75% and increase our renewable energy portfolio by 200% by 2030. Here are 10 more ways we’re supporting sustainability in our community.

  1. ENERGY-EFFICIENCY PROGRAMS: Track your energy use by the day or by the hour with our account management tools. Each year, we partner with the Cobb Heating and Air Association, Gas South, and the Cobb County Water System to give one member a Home Energy Efficiency Makeover.
  2. ENERGY AUDITS: Energy audits are free and help you identify where your home could use energy-saving improvements. 
  3. EVENTS: We offer free Energy Efficiency Seminars, Homeowners’ Association meetings and other events where you can learn ways to save energy and money. 
  4. EDUCATION: Lovinggood Middle School and the Cobb County Safety Village use small-scale solar power generating stations, installed by Cobb EMC and Green Power EMC’s SPARK Energy Education Program, to teach students about renewable energy.
  5. ENVIRONMENTAL RESPONSIBILITY: Our AMI meters offer two-way communication, resulting in fewer trucks on the road to manually read meters and more clean air throughout our service district.
  6. RECYCLING: We recycle several materials from across our campus, including aluminum, copper, steel, plastic, wood poles, construction debris, cardboard, lamps, ballasts, retired meters, load management switches, computers and other electronics to help keep landfills clear. Plus, we host events so members can recycle electronics and dispose of documents in a safe, secure and eco-friendly manner.
  7. CLEAN ENERGY: We make it easy for members to support sustainability and solar energy growth in our community with Renewable Energy Credits (RECs). Our Green Energy for a Penny program allows you to participate in a clean energy future for just 1¢ per kWh. 
  8. SUSTAINABLE OPERATIONS: Cobb EMC is one of the first electric co-ops in the nation to install an on-site solar and battery storage system to help power our operations and contribute to a greener grid. We also offer an EV charging station on-site for our members, employees and fleet EVs.
  9. SOLAR FLOWER GARDEN: Our Solar Flower Garden is a gathering place for our community that offers educational opportunities, events and EV charging. And, it’s free to visit! 
  10. DIVERSE ENERGY PORTFOLIO: Cobb EMC’s diverse energy mix includes renewable sources to power your home or business. On a sunny afternoon, as much as 30 percent of our power can come from solar. Our focus on affordable, renewable energy options helps support rate stability and favorably positions our co-op for future environmental regulations. 

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