Cobb EMC lowers holiday electric bills

Cobb EMC lowers holiday electric bills

Look for a credit on your December bill

(Marietta, GA – December 1, 2019) Cobb EMC announced a Wholesale Power Adjustment (WPA) credit, effective December 1, which will bring $5 million in savings to the electric cooperative’s members. Cobb EMC increases or decreases the WPA as necessary to follow changes in wholesale electric generation and transmission costs.

“When 2019 power costs came in lower than expected, the board unanimously voted to pass those savings directly along to our consumers,” said Tripper Sharp, Chairman of Cobb EMC’s Board of Directors. “After working tirelessly all year long to ensure our members have some of the lowest rates in the state, we’re proud to be the fifth most affordable of Georgia’s 94 electric utilities. These holiday bill credits are the perfect way to end a year that has been focused on providing our consumers the value and savings they deserve.”

The average Cobb EMC household that uses 1,000 kWh each month will save $20 on their bill, but the credit on each bill will vary depending on electric usage. This credit will be applied to the bill you receive in December.

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