Cobb EMC expands solar energy portfolio

Cobb EMC expands solar energy portfolio

Diversification of energy sources helps keep costs low for cooperative members

Cobb EMC today announced a renewable energy portfolio expansion that will provide the electric cooperative 5.04 MW of solar power from a new generation facility near Hazlehurst, Ga. The 30-year power purchase agreement with Green Power EMC, coupled with 2016 solar expansions, brings Cobb EMC’s solar portfolio to a 270-percent increase over last year.

“Diversifying our energy portfolio and getting power from a variety of sources helps us keep costs low for our members,” said Chip Nelson, President and CEO of Cobb EMC. “When we can plan for the future, expand our renewable energy mix and still offer members low rates, we all benefit.”

When the sun is shining, the 52 MWAC solar generation facility, which includes more than 630,000 solar panels across 480 acres in Jeff Davis County, Ga., will help supply approximately 8,500 homes annually. It is located just a few miles from the initial phase of the project – a 20 MWAC solar project that was completed in late 2015. Both facilities were developed by Silicon Ranch Corporation of Nashville, Tenn.

“These 630,000 panels track the sun as it moves east-west across the sky each day,” said Nelson. “That technology helps increase energy production capability compared to panels that have fixed bases.”

Green Power EMC, a renewable energy provider owned by 38 Georgia electric cooperatives, will purchase the full power output of both solar facilities and provide it to nine participating electric cooperatives across the state, including Cobb EMC.

Learn more about Cobb EMC’s renewable energy portfolio and environmental commitments


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