7 ways Cobb EMC works for you

7 ways Cobb EMC works for you

  1. We regularly inspect, improve and monitor 9,000+ miles of line across five counties. This includes routine tree trimming to avoid outages and safety hazards during storms.
  2. We’re looking to the future and planning for the stability of our electric grid. That’s why we support electric vehicle adoption. EVs help spread out our collective energy use across the hours in the day and night. Best of all, they’re more affordable than ever and are a practical option for an everyday commute.

  3. We have six rate options so you can choose which rate works best for your lifestyle.

  4. Our goal is to keep bills low while providing reliable electric service. Cobb EMC members’ bills are $24 lower than the average utility in the state. Cobb EMC was recently ranked* as the 5th most affordable utility in Georgia (among 94 utilities). *According to the 2019 Georgia PSC Summer Residential Rate Survey

  5. Solar is readily available in Georgia, and we’re making it available to you at no additional cost. We’ve increased our solar energy portfolio by 360%. When you flip a switch or plug in a device, a portion of your electricity is coming from clean, affordable renewable resources. 

  6. We’re proud to be your trusted energy expert. One of our goals is to bring you convenience when it comes to making the most of your electric account. Take advantage of the programs and services we’ve created just for you!

  7.  Cobb EMC's wholly-owned subsidiary, Gas South, can save you money on your natural gas. Sign up today! 

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