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Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) FAQs



1. What is an AMI meter and how is it different from a standard meter?

2. What are the key capabilities?

3. What are the benefits of AMI meters?

4. How do I read an AMI meter?

5. How will the AMI meter impact my electric bill?

6. Do I own the meter?

7. How accurate is the testing equipment?

8. Does the AMI meter communication network interfere with TV reception or electronic equipment?

9. Cobb EMC will receive detailed information on my electric use. Will my electric energy use information be shared with a third party for marketing purposes?

10. Are other utilities installing AMI meters?

11. Why did Cobb EMC choose to implement AMI meters?

12. How do AMI meters communicate with Cobb EMC?

13. How does the AMI system benefit Cobb EMC operations?



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AMI Benefits
AMI At-A-Glance
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