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Department of Energy Information

Department of Energy Information


Cobb EMC takes the privacy of our member data very seriously. We use the latest security technology and follow the strictest policies to protect member information. Cobb EMC has a formal, Department of Energy approved, Cyber Security plan in place that is continually monitored and updated to ensure we are doing everything reasonable to protect sensitive data. Although Cobb EMC does have a requirement to report information to the Department of Energy, you can rest assured that there is no customer specific information reported to the Department of Energy at any time. Information that is customer specific includes account number, service address, meter number, phone number, social security number, banking information, spousal information, and so on. This type of information has never been reported to the Department of Energy nor is it a requirement to do so as part of the Department of Energy Smart Grid Investment Grant.

Also, please find a sampling of a DOE report that is provided securely and electronically to the DOE as part of the grant. This sample report provides usage information that the DOE collects and compiles with other grant recipients. As you can clearly see, this information is an aggregation of data and cannot be tied back to any specific member. We don't share any of the following information.

The following links provide you with information regarding the Department of Energy Smart Grid Investment Grant (SGIG) reporting requirements during and after the project is complete.

For more information on American Reinvestment and Recovery Act funding, please visit For more information on Sensus Metering Systems, please visit

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